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Why Is My Life So Hard Compared To Others?

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Did you ever find yourself crying and feeling down, wondering what life is all about? Your situation is not unique. At least for most of us, there are no easy days in life, which is why we think, “Why Is My Life So Hard Compared to Others?” But there are some different kinds of reasons behind that. 

Here we discuss our lives and lifestyles in which many people play different roles and have a particular position in our daily lives, what mistakes and misconceptions in our lives occur that make our lives worse, and what efforts we have to make our lives beautiful.

Why Is My Life So Hard Compared To Others?

Life becomes hard for most of us, but not for all, and it is a very harsh fact that we are also on that long list of difficulties facing people. Now, we will show some examples of why we think that my life is so hard compared to others. 

1. Missing the Daily Transport While Going To Workplace 

We all know how possible efforts we try to make our boss happy, but when we reach the public transport place, we miss our turn and, as a result, we go late to work. That makes our boss full of anger. At that point, we think that why am I only responsible for this?

2. Gaining Of Poor Marks 

If a student is practicing and making efforts to achieve brilliant marks in his exams, and at the exam moment, he forgets all his learning material and does not attempt the paper accurately. As a result, he will not achieve good marks on his result card. At that moment, he feels very sad and wonders why he is the only one who has had such tragedies in his life.

3. When Someone Loses Their Loved Ones 

In our daily life, we see people’s accidents, deaths, and relationships breaking up, husband and wife arguing, and then divorce, the last step in this quarrel. That made us regretful, and at that point, we thought that the whole world was going smoothly and that I was the only person who had faced such a kind of tragedy in my life.

Losing someone special

4. Thinking Of Becoming A Millionaire In A Short Time 

 When a poor guy who is a motor mechanic or a normal shopkeeper is working day and night but also cheats people by not maintaining their vehicles properly for over income, and a shopkeeper is charging a high amount for his products but providing low-quality things at high prices, So how could they think of being wealthy instead of blaming their fates and watching millionaires with hankering eyes? So how can it be possible that their dreams to come true? 

5. Comparison Between Children 

We observe in our surroundings that in families that have two or more children, sometimes one of the parents prefers one of their children to others. However, every mother or father loves their children a lot, but sometimes it happens and somebody feels that their parents don’t love and care for them as much as their other siblings. 

Solutions to Why Is My Life So Hard Compared to Others?

Now I will suggest some solutions that provide you with great help and improve your necessary life matters.

1. Always Think Positive 

The first and most reliable solution to pondering the thought, “Why is my life so hard compared to others?” is to always think positively and never think about negativity and false thoughts. This is because when a person keeps thinking of negative thoughts, whether he is working excellently in his daily life and performing all his duties in a well-mannered way but just because of his negative thinking, all the positive happenings in his life become horrible to him.

Think positively

Instead of this, if we think good and positive and act positive, as a result, we feel all our life is going smoothly and cheerfully. 

2. Always Work Hard And Have Faith On God 

When a student is working for a good result day and night, he will succeed. By practicing regularly and praying to God for his good results and bright future, success will become a gift to him and he will not think that is why his life is so hard compared to others. 

3. Always Be Calm And Have Patience 

When a person faces such a kind of tragedy in life, like losing his loved ones, he has to put up with that situation and never complain to anyone, because if we are not mourning and not complaining, that is why it happens only to me and not with others, there is a great reward for us in the world hereafter.

4. Never Cheat Anyone 

Always work with honesty and never make others fool. If we think that by making others fools and cheating on them, we will be wealthy soon enough, that is the wrong thought. We see well-established people around us who have a bright and shiny future just because they have worked hard in their past with truth and faithfulness, and they never complain to anyone or think about why their life is so hard compared to others. Those people have worked with dignity and honesty. As a result, victory becomes their fortune.

Never cheat

 5. Always Keep Balance In Your Family 

Every child wants care and seeks love from their parents, but it is also a natural phenomenon that most parents have a special kind of care and feeling of love for one of their children, but it is not a good thing to appreciate. Because of this act, other babies are getting neglected in a very forgetful manner. 

As a result, when he doesn’t seek care and love from his parents, he thinks that he is very unlucky and that his parents don’t love him and all the injustice is going on around him, and then he wonders why his life is so hard compared to others. We have to maintain balance in our lives; we have to give equal time and concentration to our children so that they will grow up happy and cheerful. 


In short, everyone’s life is full of hardships and tragedies, but by making the right decisions at the right time and handling all matters of life by maintaining discipline , having patience, and keeping our bodies calm and confident, we will surely overcome this false thought of why is my life so hard compared to others.”

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