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Why Is It Hard to Sleep Without Your Partner?

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We’re back to entertain and excite you after a long hiatus. I have an exciting topic for today. That is, why is it hard to sleep without your partner? What are your opinions? Is it fascinating? Absolutely yes. 

So, without any delay or wait, we will now turn our attention to our topic.

Is Your Sleep Quality Affected by Your Partner?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 23% of American couples sleep separately, while the remaining 77% sleep better when sharing their beds. As these statistics show, sleeping with a significant other is more prevalent than sleeping alone.

How your significant other influences your sleeping ability has a scientific explanation: Cuddling and physical touch generate oxytocin, a brain chemical also known as the “love hormone” or “cuddle hormone.”

It also influences physical and psychological development, as well as social behavior and mood. In most circumstances, oxytocin induces feelings of relaxation and warmth. When a person sleeps in the same bed with their spouse every night for a long time, they will become accustomed to the feeling of familiarity. 

On the other hand, individuals may feel uncomfortable and find it difficult to sleep alone if they do not have a spouse.

Why Is It Hard to Sleep Without Your Partner? 

1. Habit and Routine

When you’ve shared a bed with your partner for a long time, you get into the habit of sleeping next to each other every night. This can be comforting and reassuring. When they are not there, it can be hard to adjust.

Similarly, it is hard to sleep without your partner. due to the existence of a routine or habit.

And when there is something wrong with the habit, it hurts and it is very difficult to accept it.

2. Hormone

As we discussed above, cuddling, hugging, or any other form of physical contact generates oxytocin, a hormone that most people find soothing and relaxing. Due to a shortage of oxytocin chemicals, sleeping alone without your companion may seem strange.

Unfortunately, it is also the reason behind the question of why it is hard to sleep without your partner?

why is it so hard to sleep without your partner

3. Insomnia

A model for adding bedmates in bed has been developed based on a survey of the literature.

A study of cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) is presented, as are future research possibilities.

Despite the fact that most people share their bed with a partner at some point in their lives, sleep has traditionally been regarded as a solitary activity. Until recently, researchers haven’t investigated the dyadic aspect of sleep, but accumulating evidence suggests bedmates are involved in the development and maintenance of insomnia.


Furthermore, emerging research reveals that bed-mates might act as effective social control agents in terms of developing adaptive health and sleep-related behaviors and that shared social rhythms between partners can help create a sleep-friendly environment.

 Therefore, the purpose of this article is to examine the social context of the sleep environment and how to best involve bed partners in insomnia treatment. 

4. Lack of sleep leads to fights in a relationship.

Is it true that people quarrel more after a terrible night’s sleep? According to the research conducted by the partners for two weeks, perhaps these people were tense, apprehensive, or sad, and as a result, they didn’t get enough sleep or fought with their partner (that pesky “third variable” “issue”).

lack of sleep

An investigation said they discovered that the link between sleep and conflict was not due to people’s being more worried, anxious, or sad in general. Another option is that couples disturb one another during the night, causing them to wake up irritable after a bad night’s sleep and blaming their partner, resulting in a setting ideal for conflict.

That’s why people are so angry in the morning

The following are some points that may help you sleep without your partner.

What Is the Best Way to Sleep When Your Partner Is Away?

It’s unavoidable to be separated from your lover. There is little option but to go to bed alone if your partner is away on vacation or too occupied with work to join you.

Fortunately, there are a variety of strategies you can use to sleep without your companion. Here are some suggestions for sleeping while your lover is away. And I think you find the solution to why it is hard to sleep without your partner.

  • Purchase a body pillow. It may not be the same as snuggling up next to your sweetheart, but having a large, comfortable pillow next to you will help you feel less insignificant in your large latex bed.
  • Allow your dog to sleep beside you (for this one time only!) Even if it goes against one of your rules, having a beating heart next to you may be all you need to fall asleep. I’m sure your dogs won’t object if they’re anything like mine!
  • Sleep with a white noise machine or another source of white noise. According to studies, a sound machine or white noise can help even the pickiest sleeper fall asleep faster. When you know you’ll have difficulties sleeping, such as when your lover is away, try one of these.
  • Sleeping in the middle of the bed is a good idea. While some people who are particularly picky about their “sides of the bed” may find this one contentious, those of you who can adjust may find it enjoyable. Sleeping in the middle of the bed gives you more room to roam around during the night while also making your bed appear smaller. When your companion leaves the next time, try to see it as an opportunity to have the huge bed to yourself.
  • Have a cup of tea before going to bed. A cup of chamomile tea before bedtime will help you relax and unwind naturally, which is probably precisely what you need.

Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Before going to bed, almost everyone is either on their phone, computer, or watching TV. Being in front of a screen appears to be a regular occurrence in this age of technology.

Blue light is a type of artificial light produced by your phone, computer, or television. It interferes with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which is responsible for making you drowsy. Direct blue light exposure can make it difficult to sleep.

So, after reading this entire post, why is it hard to sleep without your partner? I hope you have gained a thorough understanding and, as always, had a great deal of enjoyment.


Finally, after a brief discussion, the main point is that it’s a question: why is it hard to sleep without your partner? Everyone’s thinking about it, but they’re nervous about asking it. Your sleep quality is affected by your partner. There are many reasons behind that, such as your habit or routine of sleeping with your partner; hormonal changes that occur; and insomnia; accumulating evidence suggests bedmates are involved in the development and maintenance of insomnia.

Writer: Asna Imran


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