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Why Do I Feel Like I Don’t Deserve To Be Happy?

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Hey! are you deserve to be happy?

Many good changes occur in a person’s life when he is happy. When a person is happy, he is better equipped to carry out all of his responsibilities and live his life with a sense of fulfillment. When does a person begin to question, “Why do I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy?” He may fall into deeper depression. So, always be happy.

Happiness means pleasure, contentment, and satisfaction.

Benefits Of Feeling Happiness.

  • Happiness encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • It improves the human body’s immunological system.
  • Happiness supports the long life of a human being.
  • It enables a person to fight stress and all pains of life


unlock the power of your mind

There is not only a single emotion center in the brain. Therefore, different emotions create a different framework. According to an assistant professor of Columbia University: Our brains are full of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, which contribute to our feelings of happiness. A person’s hormone secretion decreases when they lose their happiness, feel sad, and believe that they do not deserve to be happy for various reasons.

Reasons: Why Do I Feel Like I Don’t Deserve To Be Happy

There can be lots of reasons when a person starts feeling that why do I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy. Some are discussed below:

1. Loss of Self Confidence:

Self-confidence refers to a person’s belief in his or her own abilities and skills, if a person believes that he or can accept all kinds of challenges and overcome all the problems that built a feeling of confidence and joy in himself.

loss of confidence

However, when a person begins to believe that he is unable to face any challenge of life and unable to overcome his problems, he surely becomes depressed and feels that he would have to pass his life and he will never be able to feel happiness. With all these deficiencies, he really feels that.

2. Responsibilities And Guilts:

According to the saying, “Life is the pursuit of happiness for others.” If a person looks back on his life and realizes that he has committed many sins in his life, made lots of mistakes, and harmed others by himself, then he is definitely unable to feel happiness inside himself. The feeling of harming others will never leave him behind. His sins and guilt will compel him to think that he does not deserve the happiness of life.

3. Trauma:

Trauma is an emotional reaction to a traumatic incident such as a horrible accident or natural disaster. If a person has experienced any type of trauma in his life, particularly any kind of childhood trauma, it has the potential to damage their entire life. The aftershocks of that catastrophe are eternal, and that person is constantly reminded of what happened.


He has recurring flashbacks to the occurrence and is constantly anxious. Severe impacts of trauma are sadness, confusion, and anxiety. As a result, this person is unable to experience happiness in life.

4. Loss of Positive Thinking:

Positive thinking is another element that leaves a deep impact on a man’s life. Positive thinking is an optimistic attitude towards matters of life. It simply means that you face life’s good and terrible things with the belief that things will turn out favorably. All the bad things become right when a person fills their mind with positive thoughts. 

So, it is a reason that a person feels like why do ai feel I don’t deserve to be happy? Here are some examples of having a positive attitude:

  • Even when you have little, you begin to live blissfully.
  • Having a bright future vision, regardless of how horrible things are right now.
  • You are happy, even when you are losing.
  • You are ecstatic about someone else’s success.

The thinking of a person that he doesn’t deserve happiness in life indicates negative thinking. If a person does not incorporate positive thinking into his life, he will be unable to apply all of the aforementioned attitudes, and things will continue to deteriorate for him. 

5. Self Pettiness:

Self-pity is an emotion in which a person feels sympathy and sorry for himself. It is the worst state of mind a person may experience. Self-pity also contributes to a person’s loss of self-esteem. A self-pitying individual cannot rely on himself to find happiness in life  and always depends on others they should do something better for him

A person always feels pitiable about himself because he perceives himself to be inferior to others. Such a guy feels so pitiful that he is unable to fully enjoy life and always has a question in his mind why do I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy?

6. Your Upbringing Was Incorrect.

Here comes the vital role of parents in the lives of their children. Self-confidence is the biggest gift that parents can give to their children. If you were told as a youngster that you are not a perfect person or that you don’t have the qualities to live the happiest life, then the personality of a child begins to rot in the very early stages of life.

He will lose his self-esteem and confidence and in that situation, most people lose their confidence in relationships as well as in all the stages of life. He will start to get frustrated from childhood. And thus, you spend all of your life in this confusion why do I feel like I don’t deserve to be happy?

7. Recurring Failures:

The joy of victory breathes new life into a person because it is the result of all his efforts. But when a person did not receive any reward for his endless struggles, and he has to pass through this pain of failure again and again then he surely gets very much depressed. He starts feeling that the happiness in life is not made for him and he feels like I do not deserve to be happy. As a result, he begins to lose all his hopes to get the happiness of success in life.


What should I do about the fact that I don’t think I deserve to be happy?

If you are passing through this kind of unpleasant situation then you do not need to worry. We are here for you with some remarkable solutions:

  • Stop criticizing yourself for what you’ve done and what you haven’t done and directly start working on your self-confidence.
  • Try to get rid of your fears and regrets and don’t let them take over your mind.
  • Directly work on your state of depression try to change your mind and indulge in some interesting activities, so you will not have the time to think about such negative things.
  • You must have to consult a capable psychiatrist in order to overcome your trauma.
  • Don’t let negative thoughts take over your mind; instead, try to think positively.


Q1: Do I have a right to be happy?

Every person has the right to live happily and enjoy his life to the fullest. One should never think that others have the right to get happiness and he does not.

Q2: Why should a person not feel that he does not deserve to be happy?

A person should never feel that he doesn’t deserve to be happy because in this way he will get into a deep depression.

Q3: Why does a person lose hope and self-confidence?

Well, the story can become long if we discuss it in detail, but we can mention some prominent elements such as:

  • His upbringing did not restore his confidence in him.
  • He is always been in a state of exhaustion.
  • He always faced criticism from others.
  • He is always been in a situation of self-pettiness etc.

Q4: How can you convince someone that he deserves happiness?

It can be very hard to realize a disappointed person that “He can be happy”. But anyone can do that with the constant positive behavior towards him and by sending positive messages again and again.

Q5: What is that situation called when you can not feel happy?

The inability to experience pleasure is known as “Anhedonia”.


Constantly raising a question in someone’s mind, why do I feel that I don’t deserve to be happy? indicates a person’s intense despondency. As previously stated, there are a number of reasons for this sentiment, including repeated failures, a lack of positive thinking, having an unusual level of criticism, and so on. However, by taking certain intelligent measures, a person can overcome this scenario. No one has the power to change someone’s life unless he fights for it himself and brings happiness back to his life. To read more click here

Writer: Asna Imran

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