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It IS Better To Be Happy Than Free

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It is better to be happy than free. So let’s talk about this discussion, but first, you need to know and understand the importance of “happiness” for the healthy lives of people. As a normal person, every individual needs an equal chance to be happy and enjoy their life.

Different people have various definitions of happiness according to their level of mind or perspective. I am not here to prove all of them wrong, because everyone has a different state of mind and finds happiness in different things. Some of them find happiness in enjoying their day with their loved ones, while others find happiness in being free from the hard restrictions of their governments. These types of people prefer to make their own decisions in their lives.

So, let’s dive right into this debate.

It Is Better To Be Happy Than Free Meanings

Happiness, is a simple word or you can say an adjective, but it is the most powerful emotion In this world and most hard to find for some people. As a child, you didn’t worry about finding this emotion, cause a little spark of energy is enough for a child to be happy.


But true happiness means being satisfied with all the things that are happening to you, being satisfied wherever you are in your life, feeling joy on your good days as well as your bad days. A little moment can make you happy on your bad day.

A Philosopher’s Happiness

This question has no simple or straight answer because the actual science behind this question is not clear. What exactly is ‘Happiness’? Everyone wants to know what is actually the meaning of being ‘Happy’. Everyone has a separate mind to think in their own way, Many people ask these questions to their selves and as well to their teachers.

Does ‘Happiness’ means pleasure? Or does it mean a life of Prosperity? OR What else?

We simply cannot answer these questions until we have enough knowledge of this concept of ‘Happiness’.

Generally, the philosophers who wrote about this idea of being ‘Happy’ have two perspectives, or they have two notions on which their magical pen writes,

• A Person with a Flawless lifestyle

• The state of mind

A Person with a Flawless lifestyle

In this scenario, there is a person who has everything which is essential for a simple human existence, and he lives a healthy life. He has a big house, the car of his dreams, and a beautiful loving wife. He is living the life that every human on this planet just dreams of every night. Furthermore, he can buy anything that he wants, or he needs anytime. Furthermore, he is living a perfect life with his family and friends.

The State of Mind

In this second scenario, many philosophers write that the best way to be “happy” is when you accept yourself, feel every little thing, and don’t miss any chance to be “happy.” The understanding of “true happiness” comes when you are satisfied and enjoy every moment of any uncertainty that comes to life. If you have had nothing to eat for many days, you cannot even ask for help from anyone but that one spark of energy or the smile that comes on your face after experiencing a little moment of joy.

State of mind

Similarly, many people think that they don’t deserve to be happy. Why did they thaught this thing? If you want to get more knowledge about it , so read this.

That smile is so tough for most people. So, smile in every single moment of your life. If you are suffering from problems, and you face new issues every day, then keep a smile on your face. That will make you the strongest man in the world and give you the power to conquer the world.

“Always be thankful for this moment, for your life is in it”.

Do you think it is better to be ‘free’ or ‘happy’? Let’s turn our attention to ‘Freedom’ now.

How does ‘Freedom’ work?

Freedom has many perspectives according to various people’s ideologies. Some people say that “freedom” is the power to do your things in your own way, following your own mentality. For others, it is the liberty to express themselves openly and to make their own rules and follow them, and some people even connect “freedom” to “happiness.” Some people find freedom when they get anything they want. They think getting what you dreamed of gives you real happiness.

The positive side of being ‘Free’

As a result, being free and making your own decisions related to your life sounds good to hear, and it gives you the liberty to do what you like, as well as a sense of satisfaction about your own life. It makes you “happy” and you enjoy being yourself. You don’t care about what others say about you, You just be yourself and have fun.

The negative side of being ‘Free’

What is the negative side of being free? The answer to this question is when someone who is following his or her dreams crosses their limits and does something that they have to pay for. This happens due to a lack of maturity and knowledge. In this case, the person who is suffering from all these problems gets stressed rather than being “happy”.

Because the world is not a place where only good people live, it is full of both good and bad people. So, when someone who is making his/her own decision meets that bad person, He began to play with their lives and use them for bad things. In the end. People have to suffer from many issues and bad experiences.


In what way does ‘Freedom’ affect the emotion of ‘Happiness’?

So, here is the question that comes to light: does the expression of being “free” lead towards the emotion of being “happy”? Well, the answer is that there are many ideologies and many minds behind those notions. For some people, being free and having the power to make their own plans and decisions leads to the direction of “happiness”.

Happiness meaning

But on the other hand, “freedom” can be the direction of “happiness,” but unfortunately, freedom is not its permanent expression. Because it keeps changing and evolving. If you look back to the past five years of your life, you will see that at that time, the meaning of being free was different from now. Everyone should keep in mind that if you are not that well-educated and not mature enough, then you should follow the rules because, in that way, you will be safe and happy as well.

If you are not Free, can you be Happy?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is “Yes, we can be “happy” even if we are not “free.” Happiness does not require anything. If you want to be happy, then don’t stop yourself. Just smile and forget all the problems you are facing. He talks about his toughest time in jail in the USA as a great leader and influencer named “Abdul Baha.” He spent 40 years in that jail, but he said he developed a state of mind and that kept him alive and happy as well all those bad years. So, it shows you don’t need the freedom to be “happy”.


Everyone has a different mind and different ideologies based on their experiences, but mostly, “happiness” is found internally. Don’t confuse yourself with the material things that will give you “happiness”. To be honest, they cannot.

True happiness comes from the inside, some call it inner peace, and some call it contentment. Contentment means the emotions of joy, pleasure, and a sense of satisfaction. So, be yourself and be happy because it is better to be “happy” than “free.”

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Usman AK

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